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Sam and relationships

Sam's most recent saying of late is that "women are fickle." Maybe not true, but I don't blame him for saying it. Let's go from the start. He went on the school ski trip last holidays, and, while on this trip, met a girl in grade ten named Lauren (As a side note, I know way too many people named Lauren; there's light_so_bright Lauren, three Laurens in my grade, and now this Lauren in grade 10). They struck up a friendship, and then entered into a relationship, which Lauren then broke off about a week later for some strange reasons that make no sense. Sam and Lauren continued to talk afterwards, and she even acted like they were in a relationship even though they weren't (which confused me and confused Sam even more). But when Sam asked if she was a Christian (he's one and we go to a Christian school), she gave a vague, non-committal answer, suddenly had to go, and then stopped speaking to Sam. But now she's started talking to him again and acts like she still likes him.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about this entire scenario is "What the screaming orange Zooropa?" and then I start thinking along the lines of how pathetic and possibly teenybopperish this all sounds. Poor Sam, getting involved in this.

Thank you all for reading. This situation has been bugging me so I needed to type it out. It's so strange and warped and ... bugs me for some reason. Although it can't possibly annoy me too much today, considering the fantastic mood I'm in.
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