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My have-done list

Seeing I've joined the to-do list craze started by Lauren, I thought I better do a list. But then I realised I'm hopeless at these things, so instead, here is my have-done list.

Andre's have-done list for Tuesday the somethingelseth of August;

1. Wake up inhumanely early.
2. Go to school earlier than anyone ever should have to.
3. Have a mentally taxing yet enjoyable Maths C lesson and some cruelly early hour of the morning.
4. Try to sleep during homeroom.
5. Waste time during study.
6. Get bored listening to my Geography teacher drone on and on and on.
7. Hope that I remembered to pack my discman - which I did remember to do - so that we all can listen to Sam's Monty Python CD thingamajig.
8. Laugh at hilarious stuff on CD.
9. Go to German and English. Hopefully not get bored in the process.
10. Repeat 7 and 8 at lunchtime (excluding the portion to do with remembering my discman because I have it with me at this point in time ... indeed, the remembering discman should come BEFORE period one and I have it with me at morning tea too)
11. Enjoy listening to my SOR teacher drone on, although find some of his ideas interesting, and, although they have merit, not necessarily agree with them.
12. Endure a boring Maths B lesson and then go home.
13. Get U2 bootleg.
14. Get parcel of books.
15. Enjoy bootleg while enjoying books.
16. Get online as well.
17. Watch M*A*S*H.
18. Eat dinner.
19. Copy songs from CD to hard drive and take screenshots of Last Night On Earth video.
20. Get back online.
21. Do this list.
22. Hope I haven't forgotten everything.
23. Realise some stuff is in the wrong order but instead of changing the numbering, just write a correction into number 10.
24. Finish this list.

Now my to-do list for tomorrow, Wednesday, the somethingelseplusoneth of August or whatever this month is.

1. Wake up.
2. Go to school even though I'd rather stay home and sleep.
3. Endure Geography, enjoy SOR, hope I don't have trouble about not doing my German homework (or do said homework before school or during morning tea). Then go to study.
4. Write some satire during study.
5. Find something to occupy my time during lunch time. In other words, most likely hang out with Sam, Pat, Tom, Burns, Jamie, Hamilton, and Grant. Maybe Aaron if he actually decides to hang around with us instead of acting totally repulsed by the fact we're breathing oxygen he could be breathing.
6. Hope we get time to work on English assignment during English. Hopefully me and Sam would've already worked on this earlier during study (we're doing ours together).
7. Go home, thankfully. Get online once home.
8. Go through the usual routine at night: watch M*A*S*H, eat dinner, waste time, do something U2-ish, read, get back online.
9. Aim to go to bed by 10pm but most likely stay online until 11pm or just past.

Hmmm ... sounds just like another typical day in the life of Andre, excepting the writing satire bit. But that may be a welcome addition to my typical day ... just as long as I'm actually good at satire.

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