Axver (axver) wrote,

Computers, WMP, excellent books, U2 videos, digital cameras, and a lot of other nonsense

Computers: my pathetic computer froze again earlier today, just as I was finishing an e-mail to Lauren! GRR. I'd spent 20 minutes typing that, and then the freaking computer FROZE. It only freezes when I'm online, that's what I truly hate. Can't wait to get a new computer ...

Windows Media Player: I <3 WMP. It rocks. At the moment of typing, I have most of my U2 collection saved onto my computer, and, by the time this is finished, all of it should be up there (with the possible exclusion of the grand bootleg I got today - I need to find the playlist online). I am also going to put other bands up, such as Linkin Park, Jimmy Eat World, and Matchbox 20, so that there's some variety.

Excellent books: I've only read portions of them, but the books Mike sent me are excellent. I <3 them even more than WMP.

U2 videos: Popmart - Live From Mexico City is fantastic, and has some classic scenes, such as Edge 'chasing' Bono with his guitar at the end of Until The End Of The World. What I particularly love is that my CD single of Beautiful Day has Last Night On Earth from P-LFMC on it in video form, so I played that on my computer earlier and took screen shots. I made a neat signature with Bono in it, cut off one finger so that it looks like he's giving the middle finger to someone, and inserted a lovely quote of his that I found, "Here we are in our forty foot lemon. Fuck off!" Will post it later.

Digital cameras: when I go to the Rugby World Cup match, we're going to borrow a digital camera off Alan's sister. So, if not before then, I'll be able to post some recent and hopefully decent (no rhyme intended) pictures of myself.

Monty Python: Sam's burnt some Monty Python scenes onto a CD, and that thing is CLASSIC! I love the "usages of the 'f' word" and holy hand grenade scenes, and the one from Quest For The Holy Grail where Arthur goes up to the French castle and argues with the guard (Frenchman: "I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hampster and your father smelt of elderberries! ... Now go away before I taunt you for a second time!").

Maths C: Arriving at school half an hour early for that is cruelty.

Maths B: The 'B' is appropriate. B for boring. Queenie and Robbo make maths enjoyable, but my current Maths B teacher, he makes it boring and a chore. Grr.

German and homework: When packing what I needed to take home for tonight, I forgot I had German homework, and thus I do not have the stuff I need. That wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that BOTH of my study classes tomorrow are AFTER German! Grr. I'll either have to rush through it before school, hope my German teacher doesn't check my homework, or hope she's in a good mood.

Wednesday: apart from the homework problem related to this specific Wednesday, I love Wednesday - two study classes and no maths! I'm thinking of writing more satire tomorrow, and hopefully tomorrow's satire will be a lot better than the garbage I posted yesterday.

The end: This shall do.

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