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Join the craze!

I'm joining the list craze begun by Lauren, light_so_bright. w00t for me.

My to-do list for today, Monday the somethingth of August.

1. Wake up. This is hard enough as it is, considering it's blasted Monday.
2. Eat breakfast, get into uniform, clean teeth, dreary stuff like that.
3. Go to school.
4. Go through the motions - yell at someone, say something stupid, look bored on assembly, make some joke at the expense of some fool, punch Patrick, et cetera.
5. Come home, yay.
6. Get online.
But not for too long. E-mail Lauren (only partly struck through because I'm only part of the way through it).
7. Watch M*A*S*H, eat dinner.
8. Phone Dad.
9. Find something to do to occupy my time tonight seeing I'm NOT going to go online.

I get online too much. Way too much. So I'm doing everything now and then find something constructive to do tonight. Read, write, homework, TV, something like that. Maybe I'll get on at like 9:30 to quickly do some stuff, but I don't plan on it.

Must break Internet addiction ...

Must not break U2 addiction ...

Freaking MacPhisto, I'm forgetful. I was going to post this 20-30 minutes ago, and it's still sitting here. Ah well, I've finished one e-mail to Lauren now, so there's something else to cross off the list.

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