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Oh my, I love this thing

This thing found at is classic. This is the kind of thing that could keep me amused for HOURS.

The first time ...

You will live in Apartment. (Eh, doesn't bother me)
You will drive a Green BMW. (I put in freaking Ferrari and Lamborghini for a reason)
You will marry Florentyna and have 17 kids. (I cannot believe the one large number I randomly threw in I actually got)
You will be a Dictator of the Southern Hemisphere in Dublin. (Wouldn't a Dictator of the Southern Hemisphere actually live in the place he's dictating?)

Then I tried it again. This time, instead of using characters from my novel as the names, I threw in the names of people at school for a laugh.

You will live in House. (Good)
You will drive a Blue Ferrari. (Why not yellow?)
You will marry Natasha and have 17 kids. (I'm freaking destined to have 17 kids, aren't I?)
You will be a World-famous journalist in Kaikoura. (Ooo, Kaikoura, that is one of the most beautiful towns in the world)

And then I just messed everything up and made it completely whacky.

You will live in Apartment. (Again?)
You will drive a Burgundy Mercedes-Benz.
You will marry Someone and have 4 kids. (Ah, the 17 kids curse has been broken, hallelujah)
You will be a God in Next door. (Yes, worship me)

More to come later if I get bored ...

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