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w00t, this is good news

I managed to sign in to MSN Messenger and to my e-mails. I'm very happy about that. I think the reason I couldn't sign on is because, when I got that firewall complaint earlier today, I fiddled with my security settings and because they were less than they should be, I couldn't access them like before. Now that I've restored them, I can access them. What a relief.

Also, my Internet has been connecting in reasonable times today. Out the attempts, the first took ... 18, I think, then about 24, 3, 7, and 2 just then. The 2 came as a complete shock. I've just had a shower, and, figuring my Internet would take forever to connect, I started dialling up while I was getting dry. Then I suddenly heard it connecting, and now I'm sitting here in a towel with water dripping off me. Why is it that when I don't expect my Internet to connect, it does? Blasted thing.
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