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Tomorrow, wait for that day ...

Yes, I officially love the "Tomorrow, wait for that day" line at the end of my bootleg recording of Into The Heart. It's grand.

My Internet seems to be OK now. Still can't sign into MSN, though. GRR. I want to check my e-mails, too ... this is flaming annoying, even worse than Sam107 over at RPG Central with her bloody pointless posts (Read my tirade at|offset=40).

I had a good talk to my Grandad earlier today and celebrated the Bledisloe Cup victory with him, and will do the same when Dad phones later tonight. Ah, ya gotta love the All Blacks. I'm so happy we won. Yesterday was a beautiful day. Shame today hasn't been one, with my freaking Internet difficulties. Ah well, tomorrow, wait for that day, I guess. I really hope my Internet doesn't play up any more.

Why can't technology just be simple, easy, and error-free?
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