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What I forgot to add before is that when I reconnected and stuff wouldn't work, I decided to disconnect and reconnect again. It took 7 attempts, and most stuff is working now ... I'm on AIM and I can visit here and I've gone to, out of fear that maybe the blaster worm has mutated and now affects Windows 98. But I still cannot sign onto MSN.

I'm still jittery, shaky, and scared. What's happening? Where can I turn? I don't want my Internet to go down.

EDIT (2:12pm): to save making an additional entry, I am now trying to sign into Hotmail and can't. I type in my address and password, click sign in, and it takes me straight to an error screen. I then tried an alternate account, and then my Mum's account, and they don't work either. I'm now going to try another alternate, an account I have on Outlook.

EDIT (2:21pm): my alternate account indeed does work. If you want to e-mail me, please e-mail me on both my normal account,, and also If I can't access my Hotmail, I at least can still access my Outlook account.

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