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What annoys me

Grr, I probably won't be online until about midday-1pm my time tomorrow. My Grandad is phoning at 10am and we'll probably talk for 30-60 minutes, and then afterwards Trudy says she wants the phone to talk to her sister, and that she "won't be long ... an hour." An hour most certainly IS long, and, knowing Trudy, she'll talk for longer. GRR. This is MY house, not yours. I hog the phone line, but that's because I CAN. Who's the guest, hmm? Wait until I've used the line. Try calling at 4pm, when I'll be off. You have plenty of time between 4pm and 5pm (when my Dad calls) to have this hour long conversation.

Sheesh. I like Trudy and I don't mind her living with us ... but this is annoying. Good bob. Maybe it'll at least give me some time to write.

Anyhow, I wanted another early night, so I think I'll make my way to bed now. Hopefully I'll be on at midday my time tomorrow.

(As a sidenote, does my life really revolve around the Internet like this? Sad. But there are people I want to talk to ... I hate not being able to be on at the same time as everyone else. Oh well, such is life I guess.)

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