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What the zarking fardwarks? My Internet should've disconnected TWO HOURS AGO. Why is it still connected? This is grand ... but WHY? I can't believe this. I'm going to have to disconnect soon because it's time for the Bledisloe. They've run through the teams, competitions Channel 7 is doing, and all the pre-game stuff you always get, so the kickoff will be very soon. This is one of the biggest days of the year for me, being a Kiwi rugby fanatic and all. I really wish I could play, but my glasses rather get in the way. If I were to play, either my glasses would get smashed, or if I were to take them off, someone would throw the ball at me, I wouldn't see it, and it'd hit me in the head and knock me out cold.

Anyhow nearly kickoff time and my Internet should've disconnected two hours ago. Or, more precisely, one hour and 55 minutes ago. I'll leave it on until the two hour mark and then cut it. Has my ISP just forgotten about me, or is that worm keeping them busy? Eh, I wish it'd stay on like this more often.

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