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Rugby, rugby, rugby

It's all about the rugby for me today. Go the All Blacks! Kiwi, Kiwi, KIWI!

Ka mate! Ka mate! Ka ora! Ka ora!

This is going to be a fantastic game, and it's at Eden Park, Auckland. In other words, right in the middle of the city that holds over 1/4 of New Zealand's entire population. It will be a black crowd (in other words, a very pro-NZ crowd, 'black' in reference to the fact Kiwi supporters wear black/paint themselves black). This is going to be a spectacle. Only one game this year will be bigger than this, and that's the rugby union World Cup grand final. I love years like 2001, becase in those years the Bledisloe Cup is the biggest event in the sporting world ... or at least according to some of us. In years like 2000, you have the Olympics, 2002 the soccer World Cup and the Commonwealth Games, and 2003 the rugby union World Cup, but 2001, it's all about the Bledisloe. At least this year it's all about the union. We've got the Tri-Nations, hopefully we'll win the Bledisloe tonight, and then we just need to take home the World Cup in October and we would've cleaned out the Australian trophy cabinet.

NZ currently holds;
- Super 12 Cup (held by Canterbury, so seeing that's a Kiwi province, we have it)
- Tri-Nations Cup
- Womens' World Cup
- Seven-a-side World Cup
- Under 21's World Cup
To complete the collection and be totally dominant of the rugby union world, we just need the Bledisloe and the Mens World Cup. Even if we don't get them, we still hold the majority of the trophies, including 3 of the 4 World Cups.

So yes, GO NEW ZEALAND! I'm so excited. If we win ... oh yes, that will be marvellous. Superb. Amazing. Brilliant. Fantastiche. Toll. Spitze. Yes.
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