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The not-so-sweet smell of boredom

I'm bored. Bored. Bored out of my tree. I need YTF back; it gave me something to do. I need an MB I like to give me something to do. I need U2 websites that aren't full of pictures or other download limit consuming stuff so that I can peacefully click through them. I need U2 downloads that use up bugger-all download (Ha, like I'm going to find much of that, although I DID find something tonight). I just need something to do. Maybe I should work on my writing. I wish more people would get online, but I guess the power cuts in America and fear of that blaster worm are keeping some people offline. I'm so lucky that Windows 98 isn't affected. Quite a few people I know are staying off because of the risk.

Anyhow, as I mentioned before, I got a U2 download that used bugger-all download, or at least very little. On some - I don't know if it was all - pressings of U2's 1980 Boy on vinyl, there was a secret track after Shadows And Tall Trees, a roughly 30-second long instrumental that later became part of Fire, track 5 on 1981's October. Because it's been recorded off vinyl and put online, it's got static and other problems associated with vinyl, but it's not bad and I'm glad to have it.

This week's Time magazine, I am very pleased to note, has a cover article all about New Zealand. Well, I don't know if it's just the South Pacific issue that has this special feature or Time around the world, but it's a grand article, and it has the lyrics to the Haka, the traditional Maori war dance that the New Zealand All Blacks perform before every rugby match.

Ka Mate
Ka Mate
Ka Ora
Ka Ora (this is often run together and I used to think it was "k'ora")
Tenei te tangata puhuruhuru
Nana nei i tiki mai i whakawhiti te ra (The 'i' is pronounced more like the English 'e')
A upane ka upane
A upane ka upane
Whiti te ra
He! (The lyrics say 'hi' but that implies it sounds like the English 'hi', but it's much more like 'he')

The English translation is;

It is death
It is death
It is life
It is life
For this is the man, so hairy
Who fetched and made shine the sun
Upward step
The sun shines

When performed properly before a match, it can be quite intimitating. The Blacks used to do it extremely well, and currently they do it great, but not as good as it once was. Carlos Spencer currently leads it, and he does a good job. But seriously, that guy needs a new haircut. People are always poking fun at the poor sod because of it.

Surely there was something on TV tonight that I could've watched ... grr, things can be so boring at times. It took something like 65 attempts to get online tonight, grr. That was boring to wait through. Hopefully it won't be so many tomorrow. I may go to bed early tonight, considering how bored I am. I don't know. I might get some reading done that way.

Eh ... this'll do. If I write any more it'll be even more boring ramblings.
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