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People and their misunderstandings

I'm quite amused. My friend/acquiantance said this to me in an MSN conversation;

"Would you agree in any way shape or form. Would you agree with only one part, 2 parts or all parts of this next statement, or would you totally disagree?

Andre has been a little hard to bear ever since Liza and he broke-up. He tries/attempts to bottle everything up inside and then takes it all out on his friends"

He obviously thinks it's totally true. I think there's truth in it. I do sometimes bottle emotions up and when a minor thing happens, it can all come out, but he obviously doesn't understand what's happening right now: I'm hurting from the loss of YTF, and, earlier on (right between the break-up and the loss of YTF), were the most stressful exams and schoolwork of my life. Of course I've been a bit more highly strung than usual. So there is truth to the statement.

But I have not been negatively affected WHATSOEVER by the breakup with Liza (aka Lily). Damn, I'm HAPPY about that. I'm HAPPY to be out of that relationship. I enjoyed the first two months, but then everything just went wrong. I got sick of her. I got sick of talking to her. She's driving me around the bend right now. I think the people on YTF were right ... I should've listened, I really should've.

And I can't believe I was stupid enough to get into an online relationship ...
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