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Yes indeed, this would be a subject line

Firstly, it's been great to talk to Tasha today. I think I'm not the only one who's missed her, too.

Secondly, I love having Windows 98 and thus not having to worry about that virus that's going around. w00t for crappy computers! Although I can't wait to get a new computer in November - at the moment, the chances of that according to Mum are 'maybe'. I'm going to talk her into it. New computer: WANT, WANT, WANT. NEED, NEED, NEED. Too much space to know what to do with, CD drive/burner, DVD drive/burner, broadband Internet, everything. The best damn computer I can get. It'll be one of those ones that actually lasts. If I'm getting a computer, I want it to still be worthwhile having in a few years time.

Thirdly ... today's been so boring there is no thirdly. Must go put some U2 on.

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