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My day has so far been very boring. School was insanely boring for the most part, and to liven things up I started playing part of Sunday Bloody Sunday live from Red Rocks 1983 in my head. Now I have the riff stuck in my head.

Maths B, C, and Geography were very boring. SOR was only slightly more interesting. At least a tenth of my school's entire population was away today, I think, because of the bug (that one I had and still have) that's going around. Some classes are so empty that the teachers don't bother teaching anything because they'll just have to re-explain it to everyone later. The only time that's happened in the past has been when lots of people have been on excursions. It's just incredible. When I got to school, I went to my locker, and then on the walk from it to the library (which is quite a way), I didn't see a single high school student (usually there's quite a few around). It's amazing how empty the place is.

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