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Springhill Mining Disaster

Oh my Springhill, I have just downloaded a true gem of a song (and it's a great quality live recording, too). Springhill Mining Disaster by U2 is a remarkably good song. I believe it's a traditional Irish song or something like that, and it's fantastic. I can't believe U2 never put this on an official CD (and I believe it was only performed live twice). It's incredible. If anyone wants it, I'll send it to you via MSN or AIM.

I love this;

"Shut up, will ya? Stop whistling because I'm not in the Beatles. This is U2 here." Go Bono!

There's blood on the coal
And the miners lie
In roads that never saw sun or sky
Roads that never saw sun nor sky
In the town of Springhill
Don't sleep easy
Often the earth will tremble and roll
Where the earth is restless
Miners die
Bone and blood is the price of coal

(I hope I got that right ...)
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