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Not much of a day

I can't really say a terrible lot about today, but let's see where I can get to ...

First of all, my home room teacher asked me why I wanted to be a Prefect (well, student leader, but I prefer 'Prefect'), and I hated the questions I got asked because I didn't really have an answer for them. Maybe I should've said "Because I want to dominate this school and use this as a way to boost my ego even further" in a sarcastic tone ... I don't know if I'll make it. I'd like to be school captain. But you have to be popular to do that, no matter how much they try to deny it, so I think I have no hope.

Maths B and Geography were typically boring, Study was remarkably boring (Sam is often the life of Study, and things really quietened down today after Matt was moved because he was making too much noise), German was fun because we watched Inspector Rex (a German cop show that's absolutely great), English was ... a nothing, really, and Maths C was difficult yet enjoyable. Call me weird, but I'm actually enjoying solving simultaneous equations with matrix inverses.

Grr, I have some Geography homework to do tonight, and I don't have Study tomorrow. Only problem is, I'm too lazy to do this homework. I guess I'll have to or I'll get in trouble. I've already been caught once this week by my Geography teacher for not doing homework - I can't believe our homework has actually been checked. In grade 11 they usually don't check it at my school. I like it that way, too.

I'm currently downloading Springhill Mining Disaster by U2 at the moment, a very rare track. Can't wait to hear what this sounds like. And I'm listening to a bootleg of I Will Follow, an utterly amazing, electric, energetic live performance that I love. This song goes off live.

Sam was away today and I don't know if he'll be there tomorrow. It's probably not worth him wasting his time. I'm mainly only going for Maths C, although if Robbo isn't there tomorrow it'll be a wasted lesson. So many people are sick at the moment, both students and teachers. Yesterday, something like over a tenth of my school's population was away, and some classes were quite empty today. This cold or whatever it is that's going around is really hitting people, and it lingers. I'm still getting over it, although I feel a lot better than I did. My Mum went to the doctor yesterday for something and described my symptoms to him, and he said it's not worth bringing me in to see him, just to put me on hayfever or sinus medications if it doesn't go away, and to get rest.

I love it when doctors tell you to "get some rest". Three of the greatest words in the English language. It's a marvellous excuse to be lazy, to not do stuff, do get out of stuff ... ah, I love it. I'm lazy anyhow, just that gives me reason to be lazy.

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