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A remarkable lack of interest

Before I begin: grr, my Internet's frustrating. Said it was connecting on the seventh attempt and then just died. Weird. But then it connected two attempts later, so that's not so bad.

Mum's back from holiday ... and it barely feels like she's been gone at all, or at least in some ways. I've missed the little things - getting picked up from school on time, Mum being downstairs in the morning, lunch already being made (before you accuse me of being slack, she always does it before I'm even up and I probably couldn't stop her if I tried), et cetera - but she's always out of late or I'm always online that it did not seem like she was gone for tremendously long. But it's good to have her back.

And when she's telling me about her holiday ... to be perfectly honest, I'm not amazingly interested, which shocks me. It's like "OK, you went sailing, you cruised around there, you saw all those fishes, you snorkelled in that harbour" but no real thrill. I honestly thought I'd be interested quite a bit more. Maybe I'll get a bit more interested sooner or later. Some of the stuff they did does sound pretty neat.

So yes, that's about it for now. Don't have a lot to mention considering the boring nature of today.
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