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It was a boring day ... do let it get away ... boring day ...

Oh my MacPhisto, today was very boring. I'm tired. Need sleep. But it's only 5:25pm. I nearly fell asleep in Geography, which would've been funny. Blasted early start for Maths C.

And I hate the Soon MB. Why is no-one over there? Renegade is taking over the bloody place, and he's neither cool or funny. People, this board is a grower, we can't just let it waste away.

Mum'll be home from her holiday soon, which is cool. Sounds like she's had heaps of fun, cruising, snorkelling, whale-watching, et cetera. She'll probably be back within the hour ...

I'd think of something more to talk about, but I'm too tired and nothing much happened today, anyhow.

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