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Hey Andre,

So we're still on a first name basis, even though you establish that you dislike me? Are you on crack? It's AXVER, mate. No-one gave you permission to call me Andre. That's for FRIENDS.

You were banned because of your abusive attitude and some of the words you chose to use which broke "the rules".

Abusive attitude? Don't get so easily offended and try reading my messages a bit more. You might learn something.

When I said at our discretion, I meant on issues when people are crossing the line, not on general conversation.

Crossing WHAT line? What are you going on about? I don't see a line, where's this line of yours? Define it.

Also, the idea that being rude and abusive is somehow your right reveals more than anything a lack of understanding of who God has called you to be.

Are you on crack? I never said ANYTHING of the sort. Stop planting words in my mouth and theories in my head that do not belong to me.

This whole anti-establishment spin may serve your anger but it does not serve others nor the Lord.

What? I disagree with excessive governance. What does that do with serving my anger and/or others and/or the Lord?

Why the anger Andre'?

You keep on asking me this. If I were to tell you any possible reasons for this supposed anger, I expect you in your judgemental 'Christian' nature to determine I'm a heathen or a lost soul.

I can share several scriptures to refute the idea that you have a right to speak your mind regardless of how it effects others.

Last time I checked, Scripture does not deny freedom of speech.

We are open to discussions on sensitive issues as long as it is done with sensitivity.

Please don’t lie; it makes you look very stupid. You guys delete all kinds of stuff. And some issues do end up boiling over with emotions flaring and so forth, so you have to allow for that. Don’t be so ridiculous, mate.

The idea that it has to be crude and raw in order to be honest is a worldly idea.

Oh yeah? God’s pretty “raw” when it comes to some parts of the Bible, such as that on judgement. Indeed, do you really think Jesus was being sensitive, gentle, kind, or humble when he called the Pharisees a “brood of vipers” or “hypocrites”? Mate, open your Bible for a second.

Not everything in life is gentle and humble Andre, because people choose to follow their own desires than to serve God.

What the Popmart are you on? Jesus overturned tables in the Temple; was that gentle or humble? The Israelites fought wars sanctioned by God; was that gentle or humble? You are seriously deluded. Just because something isn’t gentle or humble doesn’t mean it’s because people are following their own desires instead of serving God. I hate this lovey-dovey Christianity that harps on about kindness and gentleness and calls everything that isn’t kind or gentle evil. It’s so wrong I cannot express it in words. Not everything is kind or gentle, and just because it isn’t kind or gentle doesn’t mean it’s instantly wrong!

We are called to be different.

The difference you are promoting is not what Christianity is all about. Stop missing the point.

An expression of our relationship with the Lord is kindness, gentleness, patience and peace.

Yes, but they are not requirements, are they? Nothing says that not being kind, gentle, patient, or peaceful means you have no relationship with the Lord. Was Jesus always kind, gentle, patient, or peaceful? No. You harp on with your “What would Jesus do?” slogans, and continue to completely miss the point. He didn’t just act all meek and kind, he overturned tables, condemned the Pharisees, preached directly against the establishment, et cetera.

Why you would feel those are expendable in the name of the exchange of ideas?

Arguments become heated. That doesn’t mean anything is wrong or sinful or anti-God with them, it just means people are getting passionate.

We can be truthful and share our opinion without tearing people down.. I am sure that does not sit well with you because if that was true.. than that would mean your whole approach to life may be wrong..

WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING ON ABOUT? How dare you judge me like that. HOW DARE YOU. Put the arrogance and judgementalism aside for a minute. How dare you judge my life when you don’t even know me. HOW DARE YOU. Shut up. I’ve met people like you. People such as Christian IBO-2.

Which brings me back to a question you never answered Andre. Why the anger. Who are you mad at? Why be angry at those who are not your enemy unless you don't know the difference..

What are you going on about? What anger? Are you on crack?
Where are your question marks? You only got one out of three.

Just so you know we do struggle with the no secular music rule.

Good for you. Do you think or expect me to care?

You may not agree with it but again our goal is to promote music that focuses on the hope that is found in Christ. If that seems restrictive, it's because it is.

Good bob, “music that focuses on the hope that is found in Christ”? A lot of Christian music is poorly written, makes me want to throw up, and makes me feel sorry that Christ has had this stuff written about Him. Doesn’t make me want to focus on the hope that is found in Christ …

No we don't think that all secular music is bad, but there are plenty of other sites where you can talk about any secular band you want.

So what that there are other boards out there? That is not a reason for you to exclude something. Just because there are other books out there doesn’t mean I should write something with a crappy plotline and say “if you want a good plotline, there are plenty of books with good plotlines out there.” Honestly, I think your argument is stupid. I think the whole idea of not allowing secular music to be discussed is stupid. I don’t like this classing of music as secular or Christian. What about U2? They’re a secular band with intense Christian themes and with ¾ of their membership Christian. I think of them as a Christian band and you allow discussion of them, but lots of people only know them as a secular band. Also, the actual rules only say “no secular music”, so what about Islamic music? Can we discuss that? It sure isn’t secular.

If we are excluding some music that has a focus on promoting hope than give a suggestion with some options that fit with the vision of this site and we will think about it.

And you’d reject it. I know what your type is like.

Unless of course your goal really is not to help, but something else.

Nice thinly veiled insult you have going there.

To be honest and up front with you Andre I think you are full of it.

I don’t think I’m full of “it”, whatever this “it” is. Question for everyone: am I full of it?

Some how you have gotten on a crusade to cause people grief for things that have happened to you in your past.

What the Popmart? Are you all-knowing? You barely know me and yet you make such a massive assumption like that. You’re mad, you really are.

Your actions have nothing to do with justice or God, but the appeasement of your own pain.

Are you on crack? I’m not trying to cause grief for anyone, and what I’m doing has nothing to do with appeasing any pain I may or may not have. Stop making such wild – and incredibly stupid – assumptions. No wonder people dislike Christians, because they love to jump to conclusions just like these and label everyone’s problems on “anger because of what happened in the past” and “appeasement of pain”.

I know you feel you are justified but you aren't.

Oh, I’m perfectly justified. I’m perfectly justified in telling a stupid whiny teenybopper saying “I want to make a guy like me without him knowing I want him to like me” that she’s a stupid whiny teenybopper and needs to go away. I’m perfectly justified in arguing with someone over whether cheerleading is a sport. I’m perfectly justified in yelling at spammers. I’m perfectly justified in calling for a vote on the no secular music rule. I’m perfectly justified in complaining about how you guys administer the boards. I don’t know what you’re rabbiting on about.

I wish God was that way, it would make things easier sometime.. but He isn't. 1 Corinthians 13, Galatians 5:22, Matthew chapter 5-7, just to name a few reveal a different way.

What the Zootopia does that have to do with my actions on the board?

I may have just ticked you off even more.. and look forward to your attempt to put me in my place.

Shut up. You’re not funny or smart or clever.

But let's deal with what's really going on with you.

What makes you think you’re such a good counsellor? What makes you think you can solve my problems? What makes you think I want to talk to you? What makes you think I have any problems in the first place?

That's most important Andre.. without a last name.

Again, you’re neither funny or smart or clever. [For those of you who don’t know, the name on my e-mail account is Andre Withoutalastname]

Look forward to hearing from you.

What rot. I don’t believe that for a second.


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