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So yes, more on today, tomorrow, and other garbage

Today was a day of fun, hilarity, waiting, humour ... all kinds of stuff. Let's start from the start, shall we?

Woke up to a U2 CD, as always Gloria from the Under A Blood Red Sky EP. I am an amazingly hard person to wake - I've slept through earthquakes and thunder storms soundly - but I rarely wake later than the opening notes of this song, so now it's my alarm. I'm prone to going back to sleep because I'm lazy, and still I rarely make it past 11 O'clock Tick Tock or the opening of I Will Follow, so U2 is very good for me. If I were still using the radio as my alarm, I'd sleep for a good deal longer, and if it were the alarm on my clock/radio/CD player device ... I wouldn't wake until I was good and ready, good and ready being about 9am!

Anyhow, I got up, made breakfast, got into school uniform, brushed teeth, bla bla bla, dragged rubbish bin to side of the road so it could be picked up, and then Nan drove me to school (Mum's back from her holiday tomorrow, by the way). When I got to school, I felt very tired and as I walked past the empty cricket nets and basketball courts to my locker, I muttered something about not wanting a new week and instead wanting to relive some other good week I'd once had (then I realised I couldn't remember any spectacular weeks, but spectacular days). Once I got up to the library and discovered the mouse on my favourite computer wasn't working and LiveJournal was blocked at school and no-one I knew was around, I felt like this was going to be a crap week. The boredom of assembly seemed to confirm my suspicions. Thankfully, I was wrong, or at least about today.

Quite a lot of the grade were off on a Biology excursion (lots of people chose Biology because it apparently has lots of excursions, but this was the first one they've had in two years, I believe!), so there was only about seven of us at English. Now Tommo, my teacher for English (yes, we do sometimes call him that [and the various nicknamed teachers are Tommo, Robbo (Maths C), Jonno (Study of Religion), Gibbo (history) and Queenie (my favourite maths teacher)]), he was the one whose hair we cut last week. He went straight to the hairdresser after school on Thursday, but they couldn't do much - he has quite possibly the worst haircut I have EVER seen! It is bloody hilarious. He has this mullet growing at the back and the top is short and all in all it looks utterly STUPID. It's so funny, though.

Sam does the tech stuff such as lighting and sound on assemblies, and this morning, apparently he nearly got in trouble because during the middle of assembly (he was away on Thursday and Friday so he hadn't seen Tommo) he nearly cracked up laughing at Tommo, who was standing in front of him. And when he walked into English, he couldn't resist laughing. Then, later on in the lesson, Rebekah (one of the members of my debating team) suddenly just burst out laughing as Tommo turned to write something on the board, and the laughter was infectious - soon I started laughing, then Sam, and then the other few people in the class were laughing. Tommo instantly checked his hair, thinking there was something in it, then thought there was something on his back, and kept on demanding of us "What is it? What is it?" (of course, he had to know it was the hair). I think we gave the poor guy a complex. And the amount of jokes during the lesson ... some were quite funny, especially when Tommo and Trent were poking fun at each other (I thought Trent was a bit of a dick at first but he doesn't seem like such a bad guy now).

Then I went on to study, and two of our group of six were away (Samantha and Matthew) and Jamie was busy doing work of some description, so, for most of the lesson, it was just Sam, Rebekah, and I sitting down one end of the library. Some things that happened were rather amusing, and it's sad how Beck is always trying to get Sam to do some (if not all) of her Physics homework for her.

Morning tea was boring and humorous at the same time if that makes any sense, then I had another study period, this one by myself, which I spent online. I went to the Soon MB - why the Popmart has Nate become so popular? Probably because the old folks like him, which I wouldn't necessarily classify as a good thing - and then to the ZBoard - hilarious to see what some people said about me and U2 in my absence - all the while on, first reading U2 stories (Tribute to Edge on his 42nd birthday, new studio for U2, et cetera), and then reading the messageboard, and also doing some research on Ho Chi Minh for Modern History as a cover, just in case any teacher were to come along. Fourth was Study of Religion with Jamie, and we were doing stuff on Mormonism. Rather interesting, and some of their beliefs are whacky.

Me and Jamie, being the jokers we are, really caught on to the Mormon idea of becoming a god yourself, and spent the first twenty minutes of lunch time making jokes, first about tormenting planets we created, then about smashing planets into each other and throwing them about space, and then about if we were to die and Mormonism was right, how we'd go to one of the lower heavens, we'd meet up, break into the upper heaven, and become gods ourselves and overthrow the other gods. You had to be there, and it was rather hilarious.

Jamie: "We make stuff for the gods in the celestial heaven, so we pack ourselves in a crate of food that's sent up, and then when they open it, we jump out with Uzis and start firing, and then the gods - because they're gods - are standing there with bullet holes in them, and say 'That wasn't funny' and we're totally fucked." (Jamie quite likes the word 'fuck', and he reckons "Get fucked" is the best comeback to anything because the only reply to it is "You get fucked, bitch" and if you reply to that with the same thing but even more emotion, you win [all according to him, of course])

Then Burns showed up, and lunch time went on at its own pace - Pat and Sam were up in the library doing Physics homework. After more joking around, waving around a plank from the bag racks we sit on, telling Burns we hate him for no particular reason, saying to each other "sucks to be you", arguing over whether my watch or Burns's is more accurate, and generally acting very immature and stupid but loving every second of it, lunch time ended and I headed off to Maths B. Now my Maths B teacher is the kind of guy who likes you doing maths, not talking, and only doing maths. Well, me, Sam, Pat, and Mitch did not plan on doing anything of the sort and instead sat around talking about Internet connections, quantum physics, and the like. Sam and I had a great time explaining the paradox of Schrodiger's cat to Mitch, Sam and Patrick argued on whether it was possible to travel back in time and kill yourself or not (will elaborate next), Pat got moved for talking, and we did very little work at all.

Now, on the argument between Sam and Pat, well, it was truly fascinating. Sam said he saw something on the Discovery Channel - not all, just some of the show - about how some scientist had invented time travel, where he sent an object back in time ten seconds. Basically, the object appeared beside itself, and, ten seconds later, the original vanished. Fascinating stuff. Then, after I mentioned something about going back in time and meeting myself, and Sam said "If I were to go back in time and come to this class and meet myself, I will appear right here in the next few minutes", Patrick said something about going back in time and killing oneself. Sam contended that this was impossible. Basically, his argument is as follows: if you go back in time and kill yourself, there is no you to go forward in time to come back to kill yourself, thus the entire theory collapses. Pat gave some argument about it being possible that didn't go anywhere, and I agree with Sam. If you kill yourself, there is no you to go forward to come back to do the killing, so it simply cannot work.

At the end, Sam and Pat were still arguing (Pat was only moved to behind Sam and that didn't stop the conversation) and it continued on their way to their next class, but I had to leave them and head off to German, in which I was one of only three, along with my teacher. So instead of doing anything, because that would've been completely pointless, we four stood around and talked - my German teacher is very cool and you can have an interesting conversation with her - and passed a good deal of the time that way.

At one point in the lesson, my teacher went away to get some water, and Kerry, Amelia, and I were left in the class. Kerry, for some unknown reason, walked up to the overhead projector, and, WHILE LOOKING DIRECTLY AT IT, flicked it on. The light shot straight into her eye and she looked away straight away. But then she flicked it back on to see if she could look at it for longer. Now I decided that I'd give it a go, and so I did the same, and had to look away almost instantaneously, because the bloody thing hurt my eyes. I wasn't defeated that easily, though, and kept on doing it, trying to beat the projector but getting the same result each time. Meanwhile, Amelia was sitting nearby laughing at us, and said to me "You memorised Pi to 330 decimal places, but at least I'm intelligent enough to not do that!" In response, I flicked the projector back on. It wasn't as stupid and much more funny than it sounds, at the time. I am insane, yes indeed.

So then it was about time to go home, and I made my way to the carpark I get picked up from. Seeing Mum's away, my Aunt was picking me up, but, fifteen minutes later, she wasn't there, and so I, waiting out in the hot sun and getting burnt in the process (thankfully I had my formal uniform on so there wasn't much of me exposed to get burnt) sent her a text message, and it turned out she was on her way. When she eventually arrived, she was twenty-five minutes late. Honestly, I found it quite amusing, and so I got home close to 4pm and decided I wanted to get online. Considering my crappy Internet, I went straight upstairs and started dialing, expecting to still be waiting 50-60 attempts and 25-30 minutes later. I went out of the room to do something else, and nearly tripped over when I walked back in, to hearing it connecting on the twelfth attempt. Marvel, people, because my modem does know how to connect in less than 50 attempts!

My day from then to now has consisted of being online for about an hour, typing out U2 lyrics for the sheer joy of it (No, don't stare at me like that), eating dinner and watching stuff on TV whilst doing so, and then coming up and typing this.

Tomorrow, I'm not going to Junior Council. I feel bad about it, because I'm shirking my responsibilities, something I said I wouldn't do, but the simple fact of the matter is that I have no idea where the meeting is and anyone who could've told me was on the Biology excursion and I don't have their phone number! Bloody marvellous. But at least I get to go to Maths C, which is what I wanted in the first place. Am I the only person who actually does want to learn about how to solve simultaneous equations using matrix inverses? Probably am, but I was finding it quite interesting on Friday (No, don't look at me like that, you already did earlier and I don't appreciate it a terrible lot - I KNOW I'm weird, you don't have to rub it in with your eyes). That fire drill completely disrupted everything, and so we ended up quickly solving it back in class in a minute before the bell went and getting our theory mixed up, so we're going to sort out all the theory tomorrow morning.

Now, on a current affairs show I was watching tonight (imaginatively titled A Current Affair), there was some thing about this clairvoyant or whatever who communicates with the dead. Call me a skeptic, but I reckon all this "communicating with the dead" stuff is nothing short of a pile of crap. I don't believe it for a second. Even before I was a Christian, I was doubtful, but Christianity gives me the convenient answer for when these clairvoyants get something right for a change: demons or whatever. Although I don't like easy cop-out answers and probably should think of a bit more. I did like it when a phycologist or someone from a university with a PhD and all that said he thought she wasn't communicating with the dead (although I didn't like it when another guy with a similar position and qualifications said he thought she was). What I find fascinating is that all these dead that are communicated with seem happy, seem to know what's happening in the world today (in particular with loved ones), and mention NOTHING about Heaven, Hell, or anything else to do with the afterlife, apart from the occasional "Mum's here with me as well" or whatever. Now I don't think it matters what you believe, wouldn't you think there'd be some mention of Heaven, Hell, or whatever the afterlife is like? Wouldn't there be a "I know you're on the wrong path, fix your ways so you go to Heaven" or "No need to worry about Hell, son, just do what you want" or "The afterline is like < description >"? And how do these dead people know everything that's happening? It's not like they're omniscient or anything. So yes, I think this communicating with the dead business is a load of rubbish.

I think that'll do for now.


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