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An entry

Today: awful day. Don't want to talk about it much. Crappy Internet. Nearly gave up my faith then came to some realisations. Struggled with some stuff. Yes.

Tomorrow: should be boring. I thought I had a debate - that we went on to the next round whether we won or lost - but the competition is a knock-out, so thus I do not have a debate considering last week's loss.

Tuesday: I'm on the Gold Coast City Junior Council and I have a meeting in the morning. I've missed the last three meetings due to prior commitments, and the venue for Junior Council has now been changed, so I have utterly no idea where to go! Uh-oh ...

And also this means I'll miss Maths C. Grr, I really wanted to go to Maths C on Tuesday morning. We're learning important (and interesting) stuff. On Friday, we had a fire drill during the middle of the lesson, so that disrupted learning about how to solve simultaneous equations using matrix inverses, and we were going to clarify a few things on Tuesday ... I'm peeved I'll miss it. But I guess I need to go to Junior Council.

I'm also going to get into trading U2 concerts. This is a very cool development and rather excites me.

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