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What I forgot

And what I didn't realise earlier - but should've - is that this victory over South Africa by NZ in the rugby means that they RETAIN THE TRI-NATIONS TROPHY! w00t. Now all we need to do is defeat Australia next Saturday and we'll get OUR Bledisloe Cup back. The Australians have had it in their possession for five years, the thieving criminals. It's OURS. We once held it for THIRTY years. Give it back, you thieving Australians.

By the way, seeing this is delayed coverage on TV and this happened yesterday, retaining the Tri-Nations counts as my "Great event seven".

And I just downloaded the 2002 Oscars performance of The Hands That Built America by U2, and I forgot how good this was. Wow, I've wasted about 40mb of download today. Go me. For once I had download to waste. Better be careful today and tomorrow, although I most likely won't blow my limit.

Ah, lovely songs ...

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