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My response to an e-mail from the ZBoard idiots

I'm typing out a more diplomatic and polite reply to this, but here's my real thoughts ... (There's no notice of confidentiality, and, as one of the people in the communication, I feel I can post this)

Hey Andre,

Who gave you permission to call me by my first name? Andre is for friends. Until I tell you otherwise, it's AXVER to you.

I have been watching some of your interaction on the boards and find it interesting that you are so hacked off.

Oh, so it's interesting? Then again, you're part of the Administration, so you probably don't see the flaws that I'm complaining about ...

I believe in being able to speak your mind and address issues, but your approach to it.. I don't get.

Don't be a hypocrite. If you believed in freedom of speech, you wouldn't delete threads that disagree with you or delete debates when they get passionate. And what don't you get about my approach? I say what I think and I don't sugarcoat it. That's the way it should be.

If I only looked at the words you posted on the boards I would in no way think you loved God or anyone else for that matter.

So now you choose to judge me? Mate, I wish you'd been to YTF. You'd have probably decided we were a bunch of heathens. And seriously, are you blind? Even if my words don't show any love for God or most others (which is false in the first place), my words DO show love for U2.

There was nothing kind or gentle or humble or encouraging.. all scriptural expressions of our relationship with Christ.

What the Popmart? Since when did everything have to be kind, gentle, humble, or encouraging?

I went to your web site and saw some good stuff..

Thank you, but don't try to curry favour with (most likely empty) compliments.

but why the anger.

Why the lack of question marks?

No one here at ZJAM is your enemy.

Maybe not, but you do a lovely job of pissing me off.

We try hard to allow people to express what they feel but
for many reasons there are times when we need to, and yes it is our discretion based on what we think is uplifting, delete posts that are crude or unnecessary.

So you delete stuff just because it's not uplifting? Not everything in the world is uplifting, Babyface. Wake up to yourself. That comment made you sound like a real moron. I disagree with the practice of "we can delete stuff at our own discretion". Such a statement should NEVER be written into an MB's TOS because it allows for the possibility of the administration becoming totalitarian in nature. All governments should have their power limited. If something bad happens and it's not against the TOS, that's just too bad. You'll have to modify the TOS to make such behaviour against the rules in future.

I understand that can be frustrating.. welcome to my world..

Stop using two full stops. THAT is frustrating. And what does your world have anything to do with this? Don't bring yourself into the matter. You've already made a simple issue complex enough.

To be honest, we are always looking for ways to do things better.. provide a place where people can share that is encouraging..

Look, I told you before that not everything in life is encouraging. If you're going to get rid of stuff just because it's not uplifting, that's truly sad.

You have a lot of passion, it would be great if that was used to build up and not tear down.

"He saw the hands that build ... yeah, the hands that build ... could also pull down ... even the hands of love ..." - U2, Exit

Challenge us in a way that doesn't immediately cause people to duck the darts you are throwing.

I'm not throwing any darts. Issuing challenges, demanding answers, and pointing out facts and fallacies, but not throwing darts.

We listen whether you think so or not..

Ha. Prove it. People are unhappy about discussion of secular music being banned and are demanding a vote, but you folks haven't said a thing. Did somebody say hypocritical liar?

we make mistakes..

Now that's what I call an understatement.

but we do listen and try.

Doesn't seem like it to me.

I realize I just may have hacked you off even more

Pretty much. Although I do find all this quite amusing.

but I wanted to at least try to explain and see if you are more than your words.

More than my words? What the MacPhisto are you on about? I was rarely abusive or derogatory, I simply spoke my mind.

Feel free to e-mail me back and ream me out.. or maybe try to work with us.
Either way I'm here.

I'm actually going to try diplomacy and see where I can get to. I'll see if I can bring about positive change. It's unlikely, but I've had such a great day I'm prepared to try anything.

By the way, you send me such a nice typically condescending Christian e-mail, and yet you still ban me? I think this is rather ludicrous. You people are crazy. I think the ink from those crappy Bible translations you use (and they're truly crappy ones) has soaked into your skin, gone to your head, and messed with your brain.

Good bob, these people are whacked.

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