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Yep, a great day

My day can be summed up in one word: GREAT.

Great event one;

I got banned from that pathetic ZBoard MB. This is great because it is utterly hilarious. They banned me because I dared to challenge and disagree with the Admin. I think the final straw was when the main administrator, in reply to a rant of mine, simply said "Grow up" and I told him "Right back at you, Babyface. If that's the best reply you can come up with, that's truly sad." The administration there cannot take any dissent at all, don't like people having an opinion, and just are stupid bloody morons. I'd like to get back there and post a few things (i.e. speak my mind), but it doesn't really matter. The people (with a few exceptions) and the administration are complete morons and not worth the time of day.

Great event two;

FOUND U2 WEBSITES WITH WONDERFUL STUFF TO DOWNLOAD! INCLUDING AMERICAN PRAYER! What a song. I LOVE IT! I also got Beat On The Brat, and live versions of Where The Streets Have No Name and Bad. I love Bad; it's my favourite song. This version, however, doesn't even come close to topping the live version on the Rattle And Hum video.

Great event three;

Got to hear from my Mum, who's on holiday sailing around the Great Barrier Reef. I'm glad to hear that everything's going well - earlier this week I talked about how I was worried considering some recent boating accidents - and it sounds great up there. Mum says she'll take me up there to go snorkelling sometime.

Great event four;

I had Subway for dinner. I love Subway, yes indeed.

Great event five;

My Internet connected on the eighth or so attempt tonight. I downloaded new drivers earlier today but I don't think they installed, grr. But hopefully they have and that's why I connected so promptly, compared to the 60+ attempts this morning.

Great event six;

Rugby union international between New Zealand and South Africa from Carisbrook (aka The House of Pain (so called because NZ and the local team, Otago, rarely lose there)), Dunedin. Currently, the score is 13-11 to the Kiwis. Come on Blacks, pull off a spectacle like the 52-16 victory over South Africa 3 weeks ago ... ah well, it's not even half time yet. Actually, this is delayed coverage and I could go find out the score if I want to ... maybe I shall ... I don't know.

Great event seven;

I'm still waiting for this and it has one minute to happen.

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