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Stupidity is contagious

Tim is a freaking moron. Basic gist of a conversation with him today at the end of morning tea (period three is after morning tea);

Patrick: Everyone in the group has maths next apart from Tim.
Tim: I have maths next.
Me: No you don't. You don't have maths when we do.
Tim: But I have maths next.
Me: Aaron, when does Tim have maths?
Aaron (who for some reason knows Burns's schedule off by heart): Fourth.
Me: See? We have it next - THIRD period. You have it FOURTH.
Tim: See? I have maths next, like you.
Jamie: No you don't. We have it THIRD, you have it FOURTH.
Tim: It's still next. I have it next like you.
Me: No you don't. We have it THIRD, you have it FOURTH. You don't have it next, you have it FOURTH. You don't have maths when we do.
Tim: I have maths next.
Jamie: You do not, you fucking moron.
Tim: I have maths next.
And it continued like this for a couple of minutes until we walked away in disgust.

Now, this evening, Rhiana, Tim's online 'girlfriend', tried to talk to me, even though I had my screen name as "If you talk to me, you have a bloody death wish", wouldn't take my hints to go away, and when I told her how annoyed I am with technology, she said only some technology is annoying, and proceeded to comment on how her calculator has never caused her problems. Firstly, I don't care. Secondly, you have to be truly thick to not realise "That's just lovely for you" (particularly in that context) is sarcastic. Really, you do.

Good bob, I HATE stupid people. I HATE stupid stuff. I HATE stupid technology. I HATE STUPIDITY. GRR.

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