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Useless bloody technology

I’m sick of bloody useless technology. I’m sick of my Internet taking for bloody ever to connect, I’m sick of my computer freezing whilst I’m online, I’m sick of my stupid bloody download limit, I’m sick of having a pathetic computer, I’m sick of it being so bloody useless. If I wanted a useless computer, I would’ve asked for one. Good bob, I don’t care if I’m being ungrateful, I’m pissed off and that’s that. My computer is going to work. My Internet is going to connect promptly. I’m not going to have a download limit. Is that too much to ask? Is it too much to ask for things to work how they’re supposed to? I think not. So, computer, get your act together and fucking well work for a change you piece of technological crap. Your shocking ability to freeze at the worst moments makes me think I could’ve carved a better computer out of a blade of grass.

Right now, I’m not in the mood to be nice to people – apart from a select few who I quite like and don’t want to get mad at. So I’m going to avoid some MBs because I know the people there will just piss me off more, I’ll yell at them, and start some big fight. Some people are such morons. Why must they even exist? God, I have a wonderful suggestion for You: make everything perfect. Are You incapable of that? Too busy working on something new? Wake up, dead man.

OH CRAP! I think I just wrecked my Pop CD. My pathetic CD player wouldn’t play it, so I tried to clean it and the CD player by blowing on it – I haven’t given the player a clean in a while so I figured some dust might’ve been causing the problem. Well, I ended up accidentally spitting on the CD, and so I tried to clean it, and that just smudged it worse and my CD player wouldn’t recognise there was a CD player in there. At least it is working on my computer. Or Wake Up Dead Man is, don’t know about the other tracks … if it’s busted, I’ll kill something.

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