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Today (such an imaginative subject line, I know)

Well, I lost the debate, and I'm still disappointed about that, but that's the way things go. What I hate, though, is people trying to say we should've won. I don't think my performance deserved a victory, and whether we should've won or not doesn't freaking matter: WE LOST, and that's that. No matter how much you rant about how biased towards inner-Brisbane schools the competition is (and it's very biased), no matter how much you insult the adjudicator, no matter how much you try to talk us up, it doesn't change the fact we've lost. I don't want to hear "You should've won". I just don't.

I'm still feeling ill. I have some medication that's done wonders, but I couldn't take it to school so now I'm feeling a bit worse than I did this morning. If I'm still like this when Mum gets back on Tuesday, I'm going to the doctors. I thought this was just one of those winter colds that comes and goes, but the way it's just clinging on, well, I'm starting to think maybe I should go to the doctors and see if it's something else. Better to be safe than sorry, I guess.

And today's date shall go down in history as the funniest day at school I've ever had. In English class, we cut my English teacher's hair! Not only that, but it looked AWFUL! Oh my bob, you just had to be there, it was so hilarious. At the start of the lesson, somehow we got onto talking about hair and that my teacher wanted a bit of a mullet, and he said that if we were good, he'd let us cut his hair on the top to improve the mullet or whatever. Well, the prospect of cutting his hair was just too good an opportunity to pass up, so we were very good all lesson, and he lived up to his promise, and let us cut his hair! Oh my Zooropa, it was so funny. Just typing it out makes me laugh. I wish you all could've been there. I guess it doesn't sound tremendously funny here, and was one of those "You had to be there" moments.

So yes, that's about it for now. M*A*S*H will be on soon.

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