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I can't believe this

I'm about to go into tonight's debate without a speech. I've had to get back online to get our theme (I forgot to save the e-mail it was in), but I don't have enough of Heidi's speech to even begin to write a summary of it - all I have is a very vague outline of her points, but nothing to argue them. So I'm going to go in with no speech at all. I've done this before - some of my best performances have been without a speech - but this time, I feel like I should have a speech. I'm stepping into uncharted territory, and I'd at least like to know even an outline of what I'm going to say. I have arguments in my head, but I don't have the evidence and I have nothing down on paper. I'm going to quickly read over the evidence tonight and then just do it off the top of my heads. The only palm cards I'll have are those with rebuttal on them, and one with the theme. I think I can argue this topic well. I have some general knowledge of the issue. I've just got to make my rebuttal stick, sound like I know what I'm talking about, pass off some remarks as a better summary than it really is, and hope for the best.

Wow I'm nervous. I don't know how this is going to go ... and we're up against one of those prestigious snobby schools that tries to excel at everything, I believe, so that'll probably just make it worse. I'm trying to be confident of a victory ... but I'm not hopeful. At least we have the easier side to argue. Our opposition has to argue why Queensland should do nothing to save the Murray-Darling river system (the topic is that QLD should do more, but we're not doing anything right now), and if we can prove that we have a level of responsibility and that the opposition's viewpoint is heartless, we would probably be able to pull it off.

In other news, I was ill today and thus home from school. Although the medication Nan got for me yesterday has worked wonders so I probably didn't really need to stay home. Oh well, I did, and that's that. At least I'm feeling relaxed before the debate. I don't want to go into it stressed and worn out. I'm glad my nose has stopped running and my cough has subsided - if it was how it was on Monday, it would've been terrible.

I'm looking forward to this weekend - New Zealand plays South Africa in the rugby, and South Africa had two players suspended after a fiery encounter with Australia last week, which Australia won 29-9 (the score at half time was 6-6 and that's more reflective of the game). At the moment, Australia is going on about how terribly the Springboks played, bringing up examples of their terrible sportsmanship and so forth, but Australia wasn't completely innocent, either, and if they play like that against New Zealand next week in Auckland, they're going to get utterly thumped. Oh crap, I just realised I missed the cricket today. Grr. Oh well, Australia was only playing Bangladesh, and most likely won in a walkover.

Geez I'm nervous about the debate tonight ...

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