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I can't think of a good subject line, so live with this

Tomorrow night is my big debate, and I am completely NOT ready. I don't have a speech, but thankfully I have Heidi's points and Natasha's speech. I'll work on something tomorrow, or maybe later tonight. I'm really nervous about this debate; it won't be easy. I sure hope Heidi remembers to send me the research that I need, and we need a theme, QUICK. I can't believe we haven't thought of one yet. This is, overall, our worst-prepared debate ever, although not personally my worst prepared (I've been ill before a debate in the past, missed most of the meetings, and given practically everything the night before and done the debate while barely healthy enough to stand up, and still won debator of the night). Hopefully, considering our past history, this lack of preparedness won't be a hindrance.

What I'm not looking forward to in the slightest is Monday's debate. That's a short preparation debate, and we only have one hour to prepare our case. That is going to be amazingly hard, especially seeing our speeches must run to eight minutes. Last year, we had 2-2.5 hours to come up with seven minute speeches. In house debating, I've done 50-60 minute prep speeches, and they are awful. We never have decent speeches, and rarely do they make the four minute mark. So Monday's short-prep will be a real test on us. Hopefully we can pull it off. I'd love to make it through to the next round ... I don't think any team from my school has ever made it that far before. Don't think any team from my school has even made it this far. Wow.

In other news, odds are that I'll be home tomorrow. I'm feeling pretty much OK, but my nose is running like crazy and I want to rest up before the debate. My Nana brought me some pills to take earlier today, and that stuff was magic. My nose hasn't been running a great deal tonight. So hopefully that's a good sign. I don't want to be searching for a hanky or a tissue in my pocket every minute or two during the debate. That would just ruin it. Must be healthy ... must be healthy ... damnit, must be healthy ...

It's fascinating to see how much people in my English class hate Shakespeare. They can't understand his works (although I sense that's through a lack of effort), and simply cannot stand him. Sure, maybe his works are a bit hard to understand at times, but it's marvellous literature and with a bit of an effort, not only is it comprehensible but quite enjoyable. I love Henry V; it's a very interesting play and I may try to track down Henry IV.

I don't get it how so few people in my grade enjoy reading; I'm a weirdo and a nerd because I like it (Good Zooropa, 'weirdo' and 'nerd' are still used? They're old. Find some new insults, people). I can't live without reading. I don't live and breathe it - just like I don't live and breathe U2 (no matter how much it may seem like I do ... wait, maybe I do ...) - but I need it nonetheless. Take my books away from me, and I might just go mad. One reason I'm looking forward to the probable move in November is that I'll likely get a large room with space for another bookshelf. That would be grand, because I know I need it. I guess I'm looking forward to the idea of moving in November. I'm not really sure. It's a strange house with a family I don't really know, but I'm getting stuff and I'll probably get a bigger room. Sure, I'm being bribed, but, at this point, I don't care much.

Oh, and I got a text message from Mum today on my mobile. Sounds like she's having a great time, going snorkelling, cruising around tropical Queensland, doing things I would like to do as long as I had a computer with an Internet connection on the boat (Yep, I'm addicted to the Internet, I think). I'm still a bit nervous, with the recent reports of sinking ships, but not as nervous as I was.

Oh, great, just got an e-mail, and we have a theme for the debate. Not quite what I wanted (doesn't exactly fit into what I had planned in my head), but it's good and it'll do.

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