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Oh sod ...

I have a big, very important debate in two days, and I'm not ready for it at all. We were supposed to have a meeting today, but Heidi was at practice for a house play (the school houses are having a play competition), so no meeting. Good bob, can't the stupid bloody play wait one day so we can have a meeting? This debate is freaking important and, the way it's going, we're going to lose. At least we have the 'easy' side. I don't even have my speech. All well and good having Natasha's speech, but I can't start until I have Heidi's. This is awful. I'm not confident at all.

Furthermore, I feel ill again. Now, my nose is like a tap, my head hurts from the pressure behind it (took me forever to get to sleep last night), and my Nan thinks it's my sinuses. I need something to take. This is no fun at all. Why am I so ill all of a sudden? I guess I have to make up for not being ill for the first two months of winter ... grr, I just want to be well ...

My Dad phoned early this afternoon, so that was good. He said he phoned at 6:45pm or so last night, but the phone was engaged. That's very weird, because no-one was on the phone at the time! So yes, very odd ...

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