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Today and tomorrow

Alright, this evening, Dad did not call. He usually calls between 5-7:30pm my time, and generally between 6-6:30. I was online until about 5:45-5:50, but then I got off. Had he tried while I was online, he would've just called me back after six, I'm sure of it. So it's weird that I haven't heard from him. However, I did hear from my Mum, who's on holiday up north and is setting sail tomorrow (or are they already sailing and just moored somewhere tonight? I can't remember). Anyhow, I must say I feel rather nervous, because lately there have been two boating accidents here in Queensland, the first in which a sailor went missing (I haven't heard if they've found his body or not, but it's safe to assume he's dead), and the second in which a boat sunk 100km from Bundaberg but the people on board were rescued. So, as you can imagine, hearing that kind of news doesn't make me feel so good, and Mum'll have little mobile phone reception over the next few days so that makes it even worse. I know things will probably be OK, but just the recent news events and the inability to contact her build up some worry inside me.

Grr, school tomorrow. I don't feel like going. I simply do not have the urge to go. I want to just sleep in and rock up whenever I feel like it. But I must go tomorrow, because I have an important debating meeting, and I've missed heaps of school as it is.

Oh, must go. It's getting late and I want sleep.
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