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My day

Sam came round. We played seven games of table tennis - we intended to play a lot more but didn't - and didn't do much else. The lucky sod, I'm so envious of him, because all the luck's come his way this last week (and I can't mention how so, even though no-one reading this would care), and he keeps on rubbing it in, which makes me even more envious. Why can't I have some luck for a change?

And I finally got an e-mail from one of the other people on my debate team, which is good. I've now got to prepare my speech ... which is all well and good, but I only have Natasha's speech, and not Heidi's, so I can't finish it, and the debate's on freaking Wednesday. Good bob, I'm up the creek here and I think I've dropped the paddle and lost the lifejacket.

Otherwise, not much to report.

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