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Won't you be back tomorrow ... will you be back tomorrow ...

Woops, wrong tomorrow. Not Tomorrow, song by U2, but the subject line refers to tomorrow for me. Actually, wait, it IS tomorrow now. Better go to bed soon. Sam's coming round tomorrow so I probably won't be online, so I'll miss talking to everyone. Please e-mail me, because I plan on going to school all this week and that means I won't be able to talk to anyone unless they get on in the morning (American time) until Friday at the earliest. I get off school at about midday on Fridays and get online at about 11pm-midnight American time. Otherwise, I'll see you all Saturday American time. Sheesh, talking in multiple timezones can be confusing. I hope you all got that.

Me and Sam plan on playing table tennis, lots of table tennis. We're going to see just how many matches we can play in a row. We want to make 21, but I don't know just how much of a possibility that really is! I guess we'll just have to see how far we get ...
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