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Earthquakes, blogging, cricket, etc.

The natural disasters in this part of the world seem endless. I'm sure that by now you've all heard about the devastating earthquake in Christchurch last Tuesday. Luckily it seems all the family and friends Charlotte and I have in Canterbury are OK, though a couple of my cousins had fortuitous escapes by the sounds of it. It's so depressing to see in pieces a city I visited regularly in my younger years and remember so fondly.

And to think, the earthquake happened while I was in a meeting that had a very positive outcome: I'll be a course tutor at university this semester (for those of you familiar with the American uni system rather than the Commonwealth one, I'm not sure what the equivalent role is called). I'm somewhat intimidated but excited ... I've never taught before and they gave us just a morning's worth of training, so talk about being thrown in at the deep end! I'd honestly prefer to lecture, but that's not exactly on the cards at this stage.

On a totally unrelated note, I think Mow Your Lawn! is coming along well, so please do head on over and comment and follow. Charlotte's produced some rather good entries lately; amongst others, she's discussed a rather creepy footbridge, a house that looks like a garden shed, and a house made out of tinfoil. Meanwhile, I've gone after hideous architecture at university (a mouldy building and brutalist garbage), one of the ugliest railway stations ever, and Melbourne's scummiest live music venue. We've been having a great deal of fun with this, if you can't tell.

Switching gears again, god I wish they'd schedule more games per day in the Cricket World Cup. Just one game some days is ludicrous, and no wonder there's a popular perception that the tournament is bloated and excessively long. Didn't the organisers learn anything from 2007? It seems their solution for 2015 is not to host more games per day, but to just cut teams. I bet the tournament will still somehow last from Easter until Christmas anyway.

That's probably about it for now, though I'll try to be back soon with an entry featuring some photos and stuff. We're just enjoying a lazy weekend after a long week that culminated with Alpine playing an amazing show at the Corner to launch their EP. We're so proud to see how far they've come since I first saw them live in November 2009, and their concerts just keep getting better. Now we're just hoping an album happens in the near future ...
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