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After such a long absence, I'm really not sure how to begin an entry. I actually haven't been completely absent from LiveJournal - I use the photo-hosting side of things pretty heavily. I keep meaning to blog about the photos; I've uploaded hundreds of shots over the last month, so maybe I'll do some entries to highlight the best stuff and give people a reason to wade through it all. Anyway, the photography is here; 2010 is complete, 2011 is close to up-to-date (I'm just working on February's photos now) ... 2009 is still embarrassingly incomplete. Sometimes the captions descend into sarcasm and farce because I get bored writing the same crap over and over again.

Charlotte and I have started a blog together. It's called Mow Your Lawn! and it exists to document all the decrepit and rundown places that have intrigued us, and architectural monstrosities that have made us want to vomit. Whenever we go out for walks, we inevitably find ourselves remarking on which places do or don't appeal, and the blog is a fairly natural development of the "don't appeal" side of that. Mainly just because it's more fun to write about the dingy places, and because I can think of slightly more things to say about them that are hopefully amusing or interesting.

So now that I've whored out my photos and my blog, how's life in general? Well, next week I've got a pretty big review of the progress of the first year of my doctoral studies; my supervisor assures me it's a formality and I won't face any problems, so I'm trying to pretend I'm not nervous, despite the mountain of paperwork accompanying it. I'm longing for more time in New Zealand, but that's pretty impossible to organise until we know what Charlotte's university schedule will be and whether or not I will be a course tutor. And no, we haven't drowned in any of the recent flooding, though where I lived in Brisbane a few years ago went under in the epic Queensland floods! Land of drought and flooding rains alright. Australia's climate is ridiculous.

I'm glad it's 2011. The pre-Olympics year in any four year sporting cycle is inherently the best year, thanks to the Cricket and Rugby World Cups. I cannot wait, even if the Cricket World Cup looks set to be incredibly humiliating for anybody who supports New Zealand. We're probably going to manage to somehow lose to Canada, the way we've been playing lately; if we make it out of the group stage, it will be a minor miracle. It should go without saying that I have somewhat higher expectations for the All Blacks in the Rugby World Cup! Charlotte, of course, despairs that she is about to lose me to cricket for over a month - her lack of interest in cricket makes me question whether she really is English/Kiwi. Thank god she likes rugby.

I've managed to avoid politics for most of this entry, but I would like to end by saying something that everybody in Australia should be told every day: Tony Abbott is a reprehensible little turd.

Have a good one!
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