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It's funny. The last time I wrote an update, I found it quite enjoyable and it reminded me how much I used to like writing regularly here. So I thought "I really need to get back into this habit". What happened? Well, that was March, and here we are moving slowly into the arse end of April.

At least I have an excuse. I was in New Zealand from the 1st to the 9th, and part of that time was spent up in the Far North with no Intarwebz access at all. Charlotte and I had a fantastic time and found some truly beautiful locations. We stayed in Kohukohu on the north side of the Hokianga Harbour, though our favourite location was Waimamaku Beach south of Omapere. I took ten bazillion photos, though if they are uploaded sooner than Australia votes the Greens into power, you should be impressed. Can't believe I haven't made any progress on the backlog of Europe photos for months. I even managed to injure myself in Waiotira photographing the railway junction and former station there - only scraped up my hands, and managed to save the camera from a nasty fall.

Charlotte and I then came back to Melbourne, though it wasn't to relax - I was moving into my new flat. Thank god Charlotte was here (and that alisaura was kind enough to lend her assistance and her car on a couple of days too), or else I don't know quite how well the move would have gone. I am now comfortably settled in at our new place, though still with plenty of unpacking to do. It's wonderful to have a more modern kitchen, some outdoor space in the form of two balconies, and enough power points, just to name a few things. You don't realise how important power points are until you try to run your whole computer and TV/entertainment set-ups as well as a fish tank, a couple of fans, and an electric guitar off just TWO power points. I now have so many that I'm only using one multiple adapter.

Most to my amusement, my old place is being hocked off at a monthly rental almost $100 higher than what I was paying when I left and $250 higher than when I moved in just three years ago. Did you know inflation had risen that much? No, nor did I. The best part is how hilariously misleading the promo blurb is. It claims the clapped out old shoebox is "modern" (what, because it has electricity?), that there is a "kitchen/meals area" (if you can squeeze any kind of meals area into that kitchen, you're a master of geometry), and that the front door that never locked and the carpark gate that hasn't closed since early 2007 constitutes a "security entrance". Oh, and apparently the common carpark constitutes an "outdoor area". What a fool I was to never set up a barbecue and some garden furniture there!

Charlotte is back in New Zealand this week, and I head over early next, after seeing Sleepmakeswaves and The Bats in concert. Most disappointed Charlotte's university commitments meant she couldn't stay long enough for the gigs. I'll be over in New Zealand until mid-May, when I come back to Melbourne to see The Chills live and liaise with my thesis supervisors, then I'll be back in New Zealand again - including, finally, a trip or two down home to Wellington and the Kapiti Coast.

I had more I wanted to write about, but this is long enough. Maybe I'll come good on the intention to write again soon this week? Don't get your hopes up.
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