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How often have I used "I'm not dead yet" as a subject line anyway?

I think it's about time I made my once-every-couple-of-months entry. A lot has happened since I updated in January. That seems like a very long time ago, actually.

The big news, of course, is that Charlotte and I are now a couple. We both pretty much knew this was the most likely outcome of our jaunt following Porcupine Tree around Australia, but as is my habit, I didn't say much of anything beforehand. I realise you folk here on LJ are largely a different friendship group to that on Interference, so most of you don't really know Charlotte and wouldn't have noticed since late last year that things were really taking off between us. And in any case, I've always kept to myself with these things (in the seven years I've maintained this journal, I think almost every reference to romance has been either cryptic or downplayed). Anyway, this is us, as taken by Alison outside the Porcupine Tree gig in Melbourne. And yes, that is my 2008 PT tour shirt that Charlotte has stolen. I'm pretty sure she gets more wear out of my band t-shirts than I do.

Charlotte is living in Auckland until June or July, so I will be popping across the Tasman frequently during that period. Works out nicely with my PhD research actually! Not to mention I haven't been back home since 2008 (not that Auckland is even vaguely part of the New Zealand I consider "home" home ... I guess anywhere in the 1846-53 province of New Munster is "home" to me). My first trip is over Easter, featuring Jakob and Crowded House concerts, and I'll be back over in early May; in between, Charlotte will be here for a bit.

This leads to my other piece of news, which is that I am finally moving out of my shoebox into a larger, nicer apartment just up the road. I would have done this anyway, as I desperately need more space and haven't liked my flat since the moment I moved here (I only took it because I needed somewhere and I couldn't really afford anywhere else until this year). But with Charlotte being here from June, a new place is an absolute imperative. While my family were in town earlier this month for my graduation, we looked at a handful of places, but I didn't intend to get really serious about flat-hunting until Charlotte was here and we could choose somewhere together. However, I submitted an application for one flat in an ideal location, and much to my surprise, I was offered the lease on Friday. I move next month, probably on the 12th or 13th.

Since I'll be in New Zealand until the 9th and will lose 9 days of potential packing time, the move feels terribly soon and I've been busy putting all my stuff into boxes today. I really don't like this part of moving. I've moved a lot in my life (I think this is my 10th move in the last 13 years) and I always find packing depressing. I don't expect I will miss much about the shoebox, but it has been part of my life, part of a very significant period of my life, and it wasn't all bad (I rode out some awfully hot summers here in more comfort than you'd expect with just a fan). The really depressing aspect though, and I would feel this regardless of how brilliant a place I'm relocating to, is the process of packing up basically my entire life. There is something soulless in converting a lived-in, comfortable, familiar backdrop of everyday life into boxed and packaged items ready to be carted around.

But I really can't wait to be in the new place. I'll have so much more space. It's a two bedroom unit, so I will be able to convert one bedroom into my study. I can see the trams from my balcony. I'll turn into an enormous dugong, possibly even a Steller's sea cow, because I will be literally across the road from my favourite pizza shop. I'm looking forward to it, all the more since it will really be a home once Charlotte is here permanently.

That's about it from Axverland for now. I know I don't update or comment much any more, but I tend to still check my friends page daily or more often, and I care about how all of you are doing. Until my next update in a few weeks/two months/a bazillion years, have a good one!
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