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Every time I write one of these updates, it seems to begin with "hey, I'm still alive" or some sarcastic insinuation that I am in fact typing from beyond the grave. What happened? Anybody remember the time when I updated this thing daily? I scarcely do.

I've finished university for the year, and with it, I have completed undergrad. I am now nervously awaiting whether or not I have been accepted to PhD. I've got supervisors lined up and I should have sufficient marks (all those currently known to me are good enough, but I won't know my Honours thesis mark for a week and a lot hinges on that). My main paranoia is that I stuffed up some part of the application and I'll get screwed over for administrative reasons, but you'd hope that they would contact me if some aspect were unsatisfactory. Or maybe I shouldn't expect so much from a soulless bureaucracy and its harried minions.

At the moment, it is concert season. In November, I saw Tim Finn, Dimmer (current band of Shayne Carter, ex-Straitjacket Fits), Pearl Jam (I primarily went for one of the openers, Liam Finn), and Opeth. All gigs were excellent. Perhaps the highlight was Tim Finn's gig, when I yelled for him to play Hermit McDermitt ... and he did. Easily a favourite concert moment of my life; he could recall the chorus but not much of the verses (of course, in the excitement I blanked out too), and amazingly, Eddie Rayner on keyboards remembered it too.

Right now, I am in the midst of a run of three concerts in three days. Yesterday was Boom Crash Opera, for alisaura's birthday, not to mention a nostalgia trip for me too. Tonight is post-rock awesomeness in the form of Mono supported by Laura. Laura played one of my favourite gigs of 2008 and it looks like their support slot will be an hour long or thereabouts, so I can't wait. And seeing Mono makes up for stupidly not going when they visited these shores in 2007. Tomorrow, I wrap up the run with a gig by The Church. Should be good times, especially as I peeked at The Church's setlists and they're doing a good number of my favourites. I should write some reviews of these gigs ...

February 2010 looks like being epic concert season. Porcupine Tree are coming to Australia, and of course I am going to all three shows. I'm looking at eight gigs in the space of twenty days at the moment - PT x3, A Place To Bury Strangers, The Shadows (with Cliff Richard, ugh), The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Wolves In The Throne Room (!), and Isis (!!). I'm eyeing off a few others too. Funnily enough, WIITR are playing two Melbourne gigs a week apart. If the first one dominates, I shall go along to the second.

Now, goddamnit, Agalloch and Russian Circles, the two of you need to get the fuck down to Australia.

As for me, I better make a move to Laura and Mono.
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