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Rumours of my continued existence are completely baseless.

With that aside, I would like to report that on Monday the 12th, I submitted my Honours thesis on the role of infrastructure in the development of the New Zealand state. I am now working on a research proposal for my PhD application, due at the end of the month. I've managed to score the two people I most wanted to be my supervisors ... I won't name them here, as I keep full names of people in my personal life out of my public blog posts, but let's just say they're two very eminent historians and I'm having a hard time believing that I've had such astonishingly good luck.

Other news? What is there to tell? Regular life has been pretty dull since my return from Europe in August. I saw Sleepmakeswaves play their first ever headlining gig on Friday the 9th, and it was quite sensational. I was suitably impressed and can only hope they return to Melbourne for another gig post-haste. Forthcoming are Tim Finn, Opeth, and Mono and Laura. I'm agonising over whether to go to Cynic ... I've always wanted to see Cynic since they reformed, and I never expected them to come to Australia, but they're sharing the bill with fucking Edguy. Whoever thought of putting Cynic and Edguy on the same bill is a complete moron. It's not even clear if they're co-headlining, or if Cynic's slot is just support. In any case, almost $80? Well, I guess seeing Cynic play a truncated set is better than not seeing Cynic at all, and I can bail early, before my tram stops running for the night. Guess I've talked myself into going to the gig, haven't I?

Not too much else happening in Axverland. Need to convince myself to do a few things, but that's probably the story of my life. Hope you're all well.
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