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World Conquest

Just so you know, myself and Lauren (JesusFreak62789) are taking over the world. Because short people always become dictators, and we being short people, we figured we had to dictate, and so she's claimed the USA, I've claimed Australia, and we're merging our nations and will soon dominate the world.

We're already dividing the world between each other.

Lauren: USA, Canada, Great Britain (apart from Cornwall, Wales, and the Isle of Man), Italy, Norway.

Myself: Australia, New Zealand, Nauru, Azerbaijan, Switzerland, Ireland, and Cornwall, Wales, and the Isle of Man.

Our announcement to you, the citizens of the world: be ready for conquest. Your lands are about to be taken over. If you provide us with a token of appreciation, you may keep your possessions. The only acceptable token of appreciation is all your possessions.
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