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What matters is The Story. Here is A Story.

I know Liam's already put this on his journal, but I would like to store it for safekeeping on my journal too. I wrote this a couple of days ago in response to a question about the origins of the Superthread on Interference.

A Story

Once upon a time, in an EYKIW far, far away (but never quite far enough), the few remaining fair citizens had increasingly come to share each other's company amidst the forum's mayhem. They went and saw U2 on their Wikipedia-only Annhilation [sic] Tour. They sacreligiously told us "fuck Yahweh". And they participated regularly in the goings-on of that forum's favourite sport, Survivor. 'Twas the epic season of Rest Of U2 Survivor, that legendary time when One Tree Hill and Zooropa drew in a vicious deathmatch and became undead songs to lurk deep within the forum's consciousness.

However, the season's most dramatic moment occurred earlier in the tournament. Those hallowed words still resonate with quiet (read: no) dignity: Pop Survivor Round One. 22 February 2008. For it was in this dramatic round, where Playboy Mansion and Miami came to blows, that an entirely unrelated conversation exploded. Nobody really cared about the two terrible songs fighting it out. It was embarrassing to watch. They both sucked. So the conversationalists talked about everything under the sun. Within a matter of hours, however, they became forum gypsies, for lo and behold, they had reached the 1,000 post limit before the poll was due to close, and they now had no home. Our intrepid heroes, rejoicing in names such as Pee Fan, Assver, Vazza, and Uncool Ian (plus some people with perfectly decent names like Alison, Jen, and Andrew) realised they had to move on quickly, lest the prized poll be closed early.

Our homeless subjects thus trekked through the forum, inhabiting whichever abandoned threads they could pitch a tent in. During this time, they struck upon an idea for U2 to play a benefit concert to Save The Whalers. U2 were most obliging and performed in the doubly landlocked Liechtenstein, at the Kunstmuseum. 25 February 2008. The concert went off. EYKIW was treated to the first and only setlist it has unanimously loved.

But then! Then! Oh, tragedy struck! Some deplorable persons dared to claim that the Kunstmuseum concert WAS NOT REAL! Just imagine! A whole forum taken for a ride by a pack of sarcastic, intelligent, conniving gypsies? Well I never! But, dear reader, this is exactly what happened. The gypsies were exposed as frauds. Their trek throughout the ghost threads of the forum was swiftly terminated. However, one gypsy, appropriately bearing the name "the tourist", had the presence of mind to create a new thread, a phoenix rising from the ashes of the Kunstmuseum, the Superthread. The Australia Chat Superthread in OOC. "Chat" was mercifully dropped without fanfare. Quickly, the Superthread grew bored with this single location, for its gypsy spirit lived on. It began an epic, never-ending trek across the globe to find those locations nobody believes are real, for nobody can believe the Superthread's exploits are real.

And before too long, each and every Superthreader found their post count rising astonishingly, and their Internet addiction increasing greatly, and more people were sucked into the madness, and some fell in love and some fell in hate and the blue crack was never the same. They lived ever after. The end!
Tags: interference, internet, superthread
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