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I could write something more serious and substantial, but it's nearly 3am

My plans to visit Europe are proceeding rather nicely. Thus far, I have tickets to see U2 at the first Paris show, both Amsterdam shows, and the first two Dublin shows. The second Paris show doesn't go on sale for a few days, while the third Dublin show hasn't even been announced yet, but word on the street is that it will happen. I could probably get to the Berlin, Nice, and Gelsenkirchen concerts if I really pushed it, but 5-7 concerts is enough for me, especially as 4-5 of them are in Amsterdam and Dublin, two of the four locations that I have always wanted to see U2 (the other two I did last tour: Boston and New Zealand).

I'd rather have plenty of time sightseeing, and let me assure you, the geography and transport nerd is loving every minute of planning this. The only problem is that 5 weeks really is not sufficient time at all. I can feel myself planning a second trip already - I am particularly disappointed that I won't get to visit Iceland or the Norwegian fjords. I'm spending a week in Ireland, over a week in the Netherlands, and a good few days in Switzerland/Liechtenstein. Yes, yes, I am going to Liechtenstein because of an Internet joke. Actually, I've always wanted to go to Liechtenstein; it has held a fascination for me ever since I could read an atlas. But the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein fake concert and ensuing hilarity on Interference is enough to make me ensure I go there come hell or high water. Besides the Kunstmuseum, I've discovered Liechtenstein even has its own Melbourne: Malbun! For those of you who don't share my accent, I pronounce "Malbun" and "Melbourne" essentially the same way. This Malbun seems to be in a stunningly scenic location too - as soon as I saw the picture on its Wikipedia article, I fell in love with it.

Still plenty more planning to go, though. This is going to be one hell of a trip. I'm trying to see as much as I can, but without overdoing it or rushing around frantically. Nonetheless, I take pity upon those who fall victim to my planning tendencies, Alison in particular. I don't do things by halves. I'm just impressed that I have so far resisted the temptation to say "hey hey it'd be really mad to go to Baku, Azerbaijan!" Man, I'd love to go to the Caucasus region. Some other time, I suppose. Once I've won Lotto or made a fortune with some controversial "history" book that's scarce on facts, probably.

As much as I love Melbourne, it's going to suck to come home.
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