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Not dead. Yet.

Lest anybody have noticed my longest absence from LiveJournal in the almost six years I've been on here, don't worry. I am in fact still alive. I suppose I just don't have a whole lot to say these days, plus you can generally find me in the Superthread on Interference. University has resumed for 2009 and I am into my Honours year. I'm surprised that I'm not actually tremendously motivated. Hopefully that will change. Other things have my interest at present.

Turns out I'm still a U2 fan, derision of ATYCLB and HTDAAB notwithstanding. The new album, No Line On The Horizon, signals a return of the U2 I love, especially in songs like Fez-Being Born and White As Snow. I am going to travel to Europe in the middle of the year for a month, because I'd like to see the band live, I've a rather strong urge to do some travel, and I need to do something enjoyable to dig myself out of the rut I'm in. Speaking of enjoyable U2-related things, running since NLOTH was announced has been an absolute blast. I'm always very glad I got into that and I feel the site is going from strength to strength. The new version we launched last month is quite the improvement (lest I look full of myself, almost all the work was done by Matthias, since my role is maintaining the setlists and writing the news), and the tour has massive potential for all kinds of fun live setlists and stuff.

As it stands, I already have a ticket to the first Amsterdam gig and I'll be aiming for the second Amsterdam show, any/all of the three in Dublin, and either/both in Paris. Berlin and/or Gelsenkirchen may be on the cards too. Plans haven't been firmly fixed yet, but it looks like I'll get to travel to the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, hang out for a bit in Geneva and Amsterdam, visit the Burgundy wine region or maybe even Bordeaux, spend a day or two in London, and hopefully check out a bit more of Ireland than just Dublin. It's a fair bit to cram into a month but it should be awesome. Especially awesome for me given that in January, I was looking at just another boring year, not some quality mid-year travel. If you'd asked me then when I thought I'd get to see Europe, I'd have probably told you not in the foreseeable future.

Funny that, since I have a tendency to live in the future a bit. The future or the past. Never the present. I can't decide if this is for the best or a personality flaw. Whatever the case, I'm glad my visions of the short term future that I've held for the last few months have been disproven. Perhaps I'll get to meet some of you; hopefully my inadequate blogging of late hasn't weakened any friendships. I'll certainly be catching up with a number of Interferencers. I was planning a jaunt through the US before Europe, but that was going to make the costs too great and I've put that on hold until at least 2010. Somewhere in here, I also need to make an epic trip around New Zealand happen, because I'll probably go mad if I can't pull that off. I was actually thinking of doing it late this year until I realised I have nobody to travel with (kind of important when you yourself can't drive) and Europe came up.

Anyway, I hope you're all well.
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