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Another year has got behind you ...

I'm 22.

It's approaching 4am on the morning of my birthday. This past evening, I held my birthday party. I had great company, we watched a couple of Black Books episodes and a couple of early U2 DVDs, we consumed plenty of pizza and chocolate cake, and South Africa came to the party by defeating Australia in a thrilling game of cricket. I'm quite pleased with myself really; my mother used to be a professional cake baker and decorator, so I'd assisted in making cakes before, but I'd never made one by myself and it was using an eggless recipe Mum had never used, so we had no idea how it would turn out. I'm pleased to say it actually exceeded my expectations. My tendency to use plenty of cocoa undoubtedly helped in this particular venture.

Now I'm winding down. I've had a couple of glasses of Coonawarra cabernet sauvignon, and now I'm savouring a delicious Penfolds aged tawny port. I'm listening to The Unforgettable Fire and my favourite Porcupine Tree songs. I'm going to hope nobody decides it's a brilliant idea to phone me some birthday wishes before midday.

Life is good today.
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