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w00t, a U2 survey

which U2 song do you listen to when you're feeling...

head over heels in love with someone: All I Want Is You
anarchist: Seconds
like a wide-eyed dreamer: The Ocean
cynical: Acrobat
depressed: Walk On
surreal: No idea
musically oriented: New Year's Day
lyrically oriented: Bad
somber: Bad, Exit
uplifted: Beautiful Day
like u wanna bust a move: What the Popmart?
religious: Gloria, Tomorrow, Wake Up Dead Man
emotionally intense: Walk On, Bad
morally impassioned: Sunday Bloody Sunday
desperate: With Or Without You
horny (hehe, i had to ask): No, go away
especially youthful: Out Of Control
decadent (in a lazy way): No idea
artsy: Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
sexy: No. Well, if you insist, Promenade.
intellectual: Hmmm ... Where The Streets Have No Name, perhaps.
refreshed: A Sort Of Homecoming
determined: The Electric Co., I Threw A Brick Through A Window

My additions ...

Angry: The Electric Co.
Confused: With Or Without You, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Morbid: Exit
Upset: One Tree Hill, Walk On
Tired: MLK!

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