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I was sorely tempted to intentionally write an entry today that had absolutely nothing to do with Christmas. I considered a rant about the state of Australian long distance rail transport, but I'll save that until I've completed my return journey and have some appropriate photos to illustrate what I wish to say. I was then tempted to complete a theological entry I've been tossing around, since the irony of writing an entry about the meaninglessness of the concept of a deity on Christmas was not lost on me, but I'm probably a bit too tired to do that.

So today, I boiled in the Queensland humidity and heat. I think I am simply going to refuse to ever come here in summer again. I will happily return mid-winter, or at least as happily as I can return to this state, but summer is just too uncomfortable. That aside, today has been a fairly nice day. We had breakfast out on my aunt and uncle's boat and cruised the Gold Coast canals. I've always had a fondness for water in photography, so I took advantage of the situation and took an obscene amount of photos. For such a godawful city, the Gold Coast can be surprisingly photogenic at times. Photo uploads will surely follow soon. What's really weird is that not ONE photo from today features any hint of railed transport. Most likely the first time I have ever taken hundreds of photos in a day without anything running on rails cropping up. OK, I suppose the monorail from Jupiter's Casino to the Oasis shopping centre may be visible in a few photos, but I cannot see it myself. And, well, it's a monorail. That barely even counts.

So once we got back on dry land, we had a veritable feast for Christmas dinner. Far too much food! We didn't finish it all, and have quite enough food to keep us well fed for the next few days. Not that I'm going to object to desserts of Christmas pudding and trifle for the rest of the week! Especially not since my family are such good cooks.

It was quite nice having everyone together. Sort of everyone. All of the Australian family that will still talk to each other. Which is all of six people. Used to be seven, but one of my uncles has intentionally burnt some bridges. I suppose the only reason I would ever break my decision to never again visit Queensland in summer is so that we can have the most complete family gathering.

Must admit I miss the days when we would spend Christmas Day with my mother's family, since they lived locally on the Kapiti Coast, then we'd drive a couple of hours to spend Boxing Day with my father's family over in the Wairarapa. Those were good times. I have to wonder what will come of Christmas in the future. My family seems to have kept fragmenting into smaller and smaller portions, and I increasingly identify with very little of it.

Anyway, merry Christmas to all my friends here.
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