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It has just struck me that on the 65th anniversary of the Tangiwai disaster that killed my great-uncles and that my Grandpa somehow survived, I will be riding a long distance train myself. This time from Sydney to Brisbane rather than Wellington to Auckland. Nonetheless, while I'm not the superstitious type, it does feel a little eerie.

I'm departing for Sydney tonight. Looks like I'll fill my nine hours in Sydney tomorrow with bookshops, museums, and parks. Might try to track down some free wireless Internet at a cafe. Just about got everything packed now. Really all that's left to pack are my laptop and associated computing gear. It's been stinking hot here in Melbourne the last couple of days, as if to ready me for Queensland.

Unfortunately, I still have about six Christmas cards to do. A few of you, accordingly, are going to be receiving the worst New Year's cards ever, which I suppose makes them the worst of the bunch when it comes to Christmas cards. I apologise. Might do some on the train tonight. So if you get cards postmarked from Sydney or somewhere in southeast Queensland, that's why. I haven't moved. God, I don't want to leave Melbourne. I'd be much happier staying here for Christmas, and I'm starting to feel that 11 days away from home is a bit of a long time. But I'm sure it'll go fast and feel like not enough time once I'm up with the family.

Anyway, better go. Have a good one, folks.
Tags: christmas, queensland, sydney, tangiwai, trains, travel

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