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Two Christmas entries in a row? 'Tis the season ... of the Apocalypse.

Yes, I am making another Christmas entry. Firstly, a few people who replied to my last entry didn't actually include their name, so I'd just like to ask them now if they could. I probably won't be addressing cards to LJ usernames, as amusing as that might be. Feel free to post it on yesterday's entry so that it's screened if you don't want that sort of thing being public knowledge - I don't post my last name online. Sorry to ask this way; I can't respond to the comments themselves as that would unscreen them and I don't wish to unscreen anything with an address, and this is the lazy way around going and asking people individually on their journals. At the moment, it looks like I will be able to do a card for everyone; I looked up the cost and at $0.50 within Australia and $1.20 internationally. I can handle that. If anybody who'd like one hasn't yet left their name and address, it's not too late. My aim is to have everything sent by Thursday.

Now, my Christmas failure does not just include dreadful cards. Oh, it runs much deeper. I think I should never be allowed to decorate a tree by myself ever again. For the first 19 years of my life, I decorated a tree with family members, typically my mother. Last year, I didn't have a tree. But this year? Last night, it was just me, a small tree on my coffee table, some decorations, tinsel, and a mess of lights and cables.

This was the end result:

The tree in all its, uh, glory.

(God, anybody would think I'm a U2 fan with that framed One Tree Hill single on the wall and all the boxed remasters sitting on top of the DVD player!)

Then I decided to get a bit artistic with my photography, to poor effect. Well, at least my digital camera can figure out how to do a soft background, even if it's not terribly good.

More dodgy artsiness. Actually, I quite like this shot.

Looking up to the top of the tree.

Curse my camera and its dodgy night-time abilities! This was the best photo I was able to take of it last night with the lights on. Most of the others were just blurred, even when I had the camera resting on something to avoid hand shake.

So yes, I fail at Christmas. At least I do mopey stinginess and cynicism well!
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