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A health report

So, the operation didn't go badly yesterday. Not long after I arrived at the hospital, I was taken for my operation as I was first for the afternoon and they were ready to go early. A friendly doctor I'd met before was one of the surgeons, so that helped put me at ease. Undoubtedly the worst part was when I had the drip inserted into my right hand, and if that was the worst part, that should tell you just how easily things have gone since. They put me under general anaesthetic, and I awoke rather groggily a few hours later with gauze and stuff all over my face. Mum and harmonybear both came and visited me, though I'm not too sure I was spectacular company!

I felt much better this morning and I was released before lunchtime. I still have a bandage taped over my nose to absorb blood as it trickles out. I took it off this evening to make eating and drinking easier and just dabbed the discharge with a tissue, but it'll be easier to sleep with it on. Hopefully this will stop in the next day or two, as it's kind annoying. I'm quite weary and exhausted at the moment, I suppose from the after-effects of the general anaesthetic and maybe blood loss. One of the doctors did remark that I bled a fair bit simply due to having a good strong bloodflow, or something like that. My nose is understandably pretty tender, and I've got to take it easy for a while yet. I've had no really notable pain so far, though; certainly nothing a couple of Panamax tablets couldn't fix. At this stage, I think I've emerged better than I expected.
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